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US-2015102870-A1: Directional coupler arrangement and method patent, US-2015116694-A1: Mobile measurement devices, instruments and methods patent, US-2015213844-A1: Digital ramp rate control for charge pumps patent, US-2015248371-A1: Method and apparatuses for respectively transferring information within and between system-on-chips (socs) via an internal bus and an external bus according to the same communication protocol patent, US-2015289285-A1: Method for communicating in a network and radio stations associated patent, US-2015299108-A1: Preparation method of aldehyde compound patent, US-2015314123-A1: Mri compatible medical devices patent, US-2015321627-A1: Network component for a vehicle network and corresponding vehicle network patent, US-2015341418-A1: Method and system for controlling media information display on multiple terminals patent, US-2015357004-A1: Stack bank type semiconductor memory apparatus capable of improving alignment margin patent, US-2015376083-A1: Exotherm, conversion and selectivity management for oligomerization process patent, US-2016238288-A1: Method of monitoring an air operated heat exchanger and an air operated heat exchanger patent, US-2016320828-A1: Power supplying method, power supplying system, and electronic device patent, US-2016367281-A1: Ultrasonic surgical blade for use with ultrasonic surgical instruments patent, US-2017127040-A1: Eye-fatigue reduction system for head-mounted displays patent, US-2017148898-A1: Method for producing semiconductor device patent, US-2017200775-A1: Display device patent, US-2015148974-A1: Method for controlling a wind park patent, US-2015162214-A1: Methods Of Selective Layer Deposition patent, US-2015178483-A1: Software system template protection patent, US-2015246472-A1: Injection assembly for a molding machine patent, US-2015261433-A1: Efficient touch emulation with navigation keys patent, US-2015296643-A1: Protection device for an electronic device patent, US-2016008168-A1: Device and method for portable thermal support patent, US-2016018108-A1: Retractable directional flame nozzle for lighter patent, US-2016039120-A1: Polymer based molds and methods of manufacturing there of patent, US-2016073207-A1: Sound based navigation using a portable communications device patent, US-2016105058-A1: Generator Motor Wedge With Wide Arm Span and Reduced Stress Levels patent, US-2016231940-A1: Maintaining data-set coherency in non-volatile memory across power interruptions patent, US-2016328273-A1: Optimizing workloads in a workload placement system patent, US-2017052303-A1: Light Guide Plate, Liquid Crystal Display Module, and Terminal Device patent, US-2017131821-A1: Sensor Having a Mesh Layer with Protrusions, and Method patent, US-2015033564-A1: Reciprocating tool patent, JP-2002311224-A: Color filter and method for manufacturing the same, liquid crystal element patent, US-2015127735-A1: Fabric network patent, US-2015154767-A1: Method for reconstructing pet image using gpu parallel computing patent, US-2015203456-A1: Pyrimidine-2,4,6-triones for use in the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patent, US-2015229912-A1: Vcsel array for a depth camera patent, US-2016014689-A1: Advertising supported domains via probe request/response and beacons patent, US-2016064710-A1: Battery containment mesh patent, US-2016173615-A1: Setting cookies across applications patent, US-2016174168-A1: Avoiding transmit power limitations due to specific absorption rate constraints patent, US-2016196467-A1: Three-Dimensional Face Recognition Device Based on Three Dimensional Point Cloud and Three-Dimensional Face Recognition Method Based on Three-Dimensional Point Cloud patent, US-2016244355-A1: Optical glass and optical element patent, US-2016344339-A1: Solar cell module with improved heat dissipation capability patent, US-2017015010-A1: Hair clipper blade set with transport element patent, US-2017094722-A1: Machine learning apparatus and coil electric heating apparatus patent, US-2015030735-A1: Aloe vera coating of potato chips patent, US-2015057774-A1: Graphical user interface for surgical console patent, US-2015076591-A1: Semiconductor Device and Method of Manufacturing the Same patent, US-2015180832-A1: System and method for controlling virtual private network access patent, US-2015236285-A1: Ambipolar synaptic devices patent, US-2015269712-A1: Eye Beautification Under Inaccurate Localization patent, US-2015314042-A1: Bioprosthetic tissue having a reduced propensity for in vivo calcification patent, US-2015340910-A1: Enhanced Transmitter for Wireless Power Transmission patent, US-2016059434-A1: Miter saw with improved carrying mode patent, US-2016131068-A1: Engine system utilizing modal weighted engine optimization patent, US-2016154916-A1: Resource Mapping in a Hardware Emulation Environment patent, US-2016342513-A1: Assymetric coherent caching for heterogeneous computing patent, US-2017013847-A1: System and method for stunning of poultry and other animals patent, US-2015106928-A1: Screening of email templates in campaign management patent, US-2015144865-A1: Phase-change memory and semiconductor recording/reproducing device patent, US-2015181859-A1: Device for dispensing volatile substances with variable mat structures patent, US-2016039514-A1: Lateral ply layup of composite spar patent, US-2016113310-A1: System and method for creating cavitation and/or flash patent, US-2015096589-A1: Method of non-destructive post tungsten etch residue removal patent, US-2015188813-A1: Method and apparatus for scalable content routing and mobility in named data networks patent, US-2015299334-A1: Stem cell enhancing therapeutics patent, US-2016080978-A1: Method of Enhanced Bearer Continuity for 3GPP System Change patent, US-2016187181-A1: Fiber-Optic Weight Management Mat patent, US-2016207828-A1: Method for producing chemically strengthened glass patent, US-2016372987-A1: Explosion-proof current diverting device patent, US-2017063828-A1: Method, Apparatus, and Device for Managing Authentication Data of STA patent, US-2015109132-A1: Device management module, remote management module and device management system employing same patent, US-2015110034-A1: Method for transceiving control signals and apparatus therefor patent, US-2015245164-A1: Interaction between wearable devices via broadcasted sensor-related data patent, US-2016286329-A1: Apparatus and method for enhancing a spatial perception of an audio signal patent, US-2016316433-A1: Methods and devices based on dynamic receive diversity patent, US-2015111915-A1: Benzodioxole or benzodioxepine heterocyclic compounds as phosphodiesterase inhibitors patent, US-2015203724-A1: Compositions with enhanced flexibility patent, US-2015283703-A1: Apparatus and methods for remotely controlling robotic devices patent, US-2015333744-A1: Trimming circuit and method applied to voltage generator patent, US-2015365770-A1: MEMS Device With Optical Component patent, US-2016043989-A1: Search engine optimization of domain names and websites patent, US-2016117102-A1: Method for operating data storage device, mobile computing device having the same, and method of the mobile computing device patent, US-2016195980-A1: Smart device having ability for rejecting mistaken touching patent, US-2015110026-A1: Method for configuring resource block for search region of downlink control channel in wireless communication system, and apparatus therefor patent, US-2015330787-A1: Systems, Methods and Software for Redirecting Blind Travelers Using Dynamic Wayfinding Orientation and Wayfinding Data patent, US-2017171453-A1: Communication apparatus, control method for communication apparatus, imaging apparatus, control method for imaging apparatus, and program patent, US-2016107710-A1: Mobile power supply trailer apparatus patent, US-2016195630-A1: Electrostatic field sensor and security system in interior and exterior spaces patent, US-2016297574-A1: Closure cap patent, US-2016315480-A1: Wireless power transfer using a microwave signal patent, US-2017023212-A1: Lamp patent, US-2015034300-A1: Well packer with nonrotating mandrel lock device patent, US-2015208993-A1: Radiological imaging device with improved functioning patent, US-2016120123-A1: Combine header for stripping seeds patent, US-2016162273-A1: Image planner patent, US-2016191032-A1: Clock generating device patent, US-2015280271-A1: Method for Forming a Battery Element, a Battery Element and a Battery patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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